You don't need a foundation and you can open an exchange in a minute.
Support one-click migration of old exchange data.

About Us is the first distributed exchange cloud service platform in the industry. It is based on SaaS, applying the most advanced underlying technology at present
and using hierarchical deployment for modular development.In the underlying architecture, background management, front-end experience,
functional products and other aspects, it has an overwhelming advantage over the traditional exchange system.

Bzu international edition

It supports the world's major currencies without a cap; new currency can be 48 hours online docking.

What we can do for you

Reasons to choose BZU

Main functional modules of BZU

Service system

One-stop service and standardized operation. It adopts the project responsibility system, and the professional team follows up the whole process to support system update, upgrade and maintenance.

  • Project manager

    It has a dedicated project manager who is responsible for your project implementation.

  • Technical team

    It is equipped with a professional technical team, responsible for the safety and stability of your system.

  • Business manager

    It is equipped with a special business manager to facilitate communication to understand your needs.

  • After-sales manager

    It has a dedicated after-sales manager that handles all your after-sales

  • Green channel

    For major projects, it offers green express lanes to streamline processes and save time

  • Emergency services

    It is equipped with a professional emergency team to provide emergency support on the scene of major accidents.

  • System monitoring

    It is equipped with independent monitoring system, system traffic data and high-risk account locking online monitoring.

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